Children experience many emotional and behavioural problems that impact their ability to achieve their academic potential, make and maintain friendships, get along with family members, and feel emotionally secure. These problems can arise from many causes and can appear debilitating to the child and his/her family. Although all individuals occasionally experience sadness, worry, and difficulties with friendships, if these behaviours interfere with daily living then therapy may be warranted. Treatment approaches, such as therapy, can be effective in addressing emotional and behavioural concerns. Specifically, therapy can assist individuals in understanding their thoughts, feelings, and actions and assist in coping strategies and reducing symptoms.

Treatment approaches that we offer include both individual and group therapy. Some of the areas we work with include Anxiety, Non-verbal Learning Disabilities, Social Skills Training, ADHD, and the social and adaptive skills of children and adolescents on the Autism Spectrum continuum. We also offer Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), both individually and in groups.

The intent of any therapy is to allow children and families to reach their goals, including greater and more stable mental health.

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